Satin-Lined Sequin Turban With Pre-Tied Rose Knot | Ciara


Wear this sexy black satin lined turban with sequins to dress up any evening attire. The pre-tied turban with a rose knot has a very elegant and expensive look. Confidence and class come easy when you look and feel great and that's exactly what will happen in this sequins turban. The 'Ciara' sequin turban is comfy and lightweight. It is a pre-tied satin head wrap that it easy to wear. Therefore, wearing it can make you feel like a pampered diva while you nourish and protect your locks with the charmeuse satin lining. Also, one-size-fits most with the stretch fabric and ruching for the perfect fit. If you're looking for a stylish satin-lined turban, you'll find it here at Linda Christen Designs.  This is definitely a glamorous turban!  Turbans for women are now big game changers. Are you having a bad hair day? No one ever has to know. If you want to stand out in the crowd as a fashionista then this is the perfect satin lined turban for you.  Not only will you feel and look like a diva your hair is being protected with the charmeuse satin lining.  This satin locks in moisture and shine and prevents your hair from breakage.  It also will preserves your hair style day or night.  So go ahead and purchase this fashionable black sequins turban.


Shell: 100% Poly/knit blend
Lining: Charmeuse Satin

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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