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Satin-Lined Turban with Black Silk & Sequin Charmeuse | Iyla


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This satin lined sequins turban is part of Linda Christen Designs Luxe Collection. Toss on this stylish satin-lined turban with black silk and sequins to dress up any ordinary day or night. This satin lined sequins turban is a perfect choice to wear in the evening if you want to add a little sass and style to any attire. Whether you go out to a fancy dinner, or on that special date, or just hanging out with your friends you will look fabulous. All eyes will be on you! It is comfy and lightweight with an elastic band to help it to stay put. Feeling like a diva? Then look like one too! You can also wear this glamorous turban at bed time to nourish and protect your locks with the charmeuse satin lining however we recommend it for day time or evening wear. Did you know that satin protects your hair from breakage, locks in moisture and shine and preserves your hair style. This satin lined turban has a very snug fit and is best worn with braids or a short cut or a straight style. This luxurious turban does not accommodate a lot of hair. Again the fit is snug and stylish.  In addition this satin lined turban is also comfortably worn if you want leave part of your hair out.  Whatever you decide to do with this satin lined turban it is classy and adds a bit of style to any outfit you may put on.  

  • This glamorous satin lined turban is one of a kind and a must have to sass up any out fit.
  • This classy turban is perfect for a formal or evening event.
  • The satin lining will protect your hair from breakage, locks in moisture and shine and preserves your hair style longer.
  • This beautiful and luxurious satin lined turban has sequins that will add a bit of sparkle to your day or evening.

Shell: 100% Poly/knit blend
Lining: Charmeuse Satin

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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