Powder Blue & Gold Trim Pre-Tied Turban | Isabella


This turban is part of Linda Christen Designs Lifestyle Collection. This turban photographs very dark however it is actually a powder blue with gold trim. It's great to wear with jeans and a white t-shirt popping lipstick and your favorite matching earrings. So feel free to dress this stylish turban down for a casual day look or this can be a glamorous turban creating a stylish evening look. You'll shine with grace and elegance in this classic,  trendy powder blue velvet pre-tied turban with shimmering gold trim. Did you know that turbans have been worn by Hollywood starlets for many moons!  And that turbans are now making their debut on the fashion runways of Paris and New York.  You can wear your hair down or pull it all up.  It's totally up to you! So go ahead and create the look you desire.  

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