Head Wrap Scarf With A Blue & White Floral Pattern | Margaux


This sheer multi-functional head wrap scarf can be worn in many ways. The blue and white floral pattern gives you a summer vibe while protecting your hair. The silky satin helps preserve any hairstyle. This head scarf makes it easy to have your hair down and at the same time keeps the shine and moisture locked in your hair. You'll love this fun and elegant style--it might just be your new favorite bedtime accessory. An added bonus is that it doesn't fall off at night. Hold up! It’s so adorable you can keep it on all day! Going out? The head wrap scarf is still a perfect choice. The long ties allow you to personalize the look and secure a snug fit while sleeping or running errands. It’s roomy and accommodates lots of hair . . . you will want several of these head scarves on hand to change up your look!


Shell: 100% Poly/Knit blend
Lining: None

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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