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Crimson Print Turban with Bow | Victoria


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This turban is part of Linda Christen Designs Life Style Collection. Brighten up any day with this berry-licious crimson turban. Wear the flirty bow in the front or on the side. Either way it looks fantastic! Turbans for women are becoming more and more fashionable. Having a bad hair day just throw this adorable bow turban on and look stylish. This crimson red bow pretied turban gives you a flirty and fashionable look. The material is a knit blend and stretches to accommodate most hair sizes. Turbans have been in style for many moons. Hollywood starlets have always adorned themselves with turbans and presently they are on the fashion runways of New York and Paris. Dress your turban up or down for a stylish day or evening look.  It's up to you its very versatile! Be your own starlet!

Shell: 100% Poly/Knit blend
Lining: None

Care Instructions
Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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