Satin-lined Head Wraps, Sleep Caps, Bonnets, Satin Scarves, & Pre-tied Turbans for Natural Hair


Look like a DIVA with our designer wraps and satin lined bonnets; all specially designed for black women or curly girls.


Satin-Lined Turbans, Pre-tied Turbans, Satin Head Scarf, & Head Wraps

Find out how our glamorous turbans, satin head wraps, satin head scarves, and more provide natural hair care you need in amazing style.

Natural Hair Care Products for Beginners

What you need to build a basic healthy curly hair care routine. Style your hair without damaging it. Glamorous turbans, stylish head wraps, and sleep caps for all ages.

Satin Lined Turbans for Natural Hair

Natural Hair Care

Hair Edges | Linda Christen Designs

Why Are My Edges Breaking Off?

  • Wondering why are my edges breaking off? Learn why your edges are breaking and what you can do to fix the problem by treating your hair edges properly.  Wig caps, braids, and lace front can damage edges.  See how to repair your broken hair edges and protect your hair with a headwrap. If you are using glue on a lace front wig you can cause damage to your hairline as well if it is not properly applied. If you are not careful the wig tape and glue can break your hair line. 
July 07, 2020 by Linda Christen
How Did Head Wraps Evolve?

How Did Head Wraps Evolve?

7 Reasons to Wear a Head Wrap While you Sleep 

  • Protecting your hair from breakage while sleeping.
  • Preserving your blow out or flat iron.
  • Hiding a bad hair day.
  • Simply making a fashion choice to complement your outfit.
  • Cultural or Religious reasons.
  • Spa day, gardening, beach day, (keeping your hair out of your face)
  • Health reasons, head wraps act as chemo hats.

A headwrap can add a great amount of style to any outfit.  

Headwraps have been a traditional attire in many cultures for many centuries. Wearing a head wrap can be a symbol of cultural status and religious or spiritual beliefs.
In the 18th century, Louisiana as French and Spanish men were seeking relationships with free mixed creole women it was mandated the Afro-Creole women wear a turban-like hair wrap. The motive behind this was so the Afro-Creole women would appear less attractive. It was also believed this occurred because many mixed women were looking more and more Caucasian and that the turbans (tignons) would detour the initial attraction and pursuit by identifying mixed Afro-Creole women as African immediately by the head wrap adorned on their heads.
In protest of this mandate, mixed Afro-Creole women decorated their turbans with feathers and jewels and this became a symbol of defiance for free women of color.
Even after this period in time ended in 1865 with the abolishment of slavery black women continued to wear head wraps, turbans, headscarves as a fashion statement.
Presently head wraps have evolved even more. Black women are still wearing turbans, headwraps, headscarves as fashion statements and in addition a way to stay connected to their African roots but they have also connected wearing hair wraps and turban styles with protecting their beautiful and delicate hair. This is one of the reasons satin and silk-lined headwear apparel is making a huge statement presently.
There is a movement that is taking place at this unique time on our planet.
LindaChristenDesigns is part of that movement. Creating fashionable silk and satin-lined headwear, hair wraps, scarves, turbans, bonnets sleep caps that protect the hair from breakage while locking in moisture and shine and even more preserving your hairstyle.
Black women in particular and all women now have options and those options are wearing silk and satin-lined hair wraps day or night that are functional and fashionable. Options equal freedom to be inspired!
June 04, 2020 by Linda Christen
cleopatra satin-lined sleep wrap

Satin-Lined Sleep Wraps: Why Wrap Your Hair In Them To Sleep?

Why should you use a satin-lined sleep wrap? Linda Christen Designs gives you the run-down on why we should wrap our hair at night.
February 13, 2020 by Linda Christen