Our Photographer

Our friend, Jennifer Tai, took these beautiful pictures for Linda Christen Designs' new LCD Luxe and Lifestyle collections in the Fall of 2018. She truly captured the beauty of our head wear and the energy of our models. There was no photo shopping or editing necessary on any of our models pictures. She is a master at catching the most perfect and authentic reflection in each photo and brings it to life.

We have had the honor of knowing Jenn since my nephew, Christen, was still here with us. She was their family photographer, so Jenn holds a special place in our hearts. She is not only a highly talented and in-demand photographer, she is the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. We love her dearly and highly recommend her! Here is the link to find out more about Jenn and her super powers if you are in need of a phenomenal photographer!

Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry