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Hair Bonnets: Why Are They Still Surviving?

I have listened to first hand stories of African American women who tell you that, as little girls, it was a requirement in their homes to wear their satin hair bonnets to bed. If they didn’t have their bonnet on at bedtime, they weren’t allowed to sleep until they had it securely on their heads.Their moms, grandmas and aunties were insistent it was a must-have.

Was it just a ritual that was passed down through African American generations or do satin hair bonnets actually have benefits for the hair? Generations of women with good cause keep this tradition moving forward until even presently.

Because I work in the satin-lined headwear business, I know there are solid reasons why we still shield and protect our hair with silk and satin. This armour for our hair includes a large variety of satin-lined products.

Such as:

Our hair hasn't changed. We still need to protect our beautiful and unique locks of hair. We simply have more options now.  

Exploring the difference between hair types

Let’s explore the differences in curly black hair, curly hair in general, vs. straight hair. Curly hair has a different structure from a person who has naturally straight hair. Curly hair can be dry with all the loops and coils. The sebum ( the natural oils your body produces) cannot flow from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Straight hair has no problem with this. The natural oils flow to the ends of the hair because it is like going down a slide. So in general naturally curly hair is dryer than straight hair. This means that curly hair requires more moisture. Satin and silk materials help the hair to lock in moisture and shine. Thus, satin-lined hair bonnets prevent dryness, frizz and helps keep your hair hydrated. This helps prevent hair breakage and promotes natural hair growth.

Satin benefits the hair

The benefits we receive when we wear a satin cap is that the satin glides over the hair. Yes, the satin slides over the hair cuticle and keeps your natural curly coils in place and your straightened hair style smooth.

We must discuss the troublesome cotton pillow case you may have been sleeping on for years or even decades at nighttime. Did you know that cotton prevents your hair from sliding around easily? Tossing and turning on a cotton pillowcase increases the chances for your hair to become a tangled mess when you wake up. Snarled hair takes longer to style. Also, pulling on your roots can lead to your hair breaking. In addition, cotton pillow cases absorb the oil from your hair which can leave your hair dry and keeps your hair prone to breakage.

A satin or satin-lined hair bonnet is definitely the sensible choice to make. You will reap the rewards ten times over what you actually pay for one. So don’t be reluctant to take the plunge and purchase a couple of our satin and satin-lined products. You will definitely not regret it!

At Linda Christen Designs we have created modern day versions of the hair bonnet, satin-lined sleep caps and turbans. We believe that everything evolves with time. For this purpose, we have now created functional, protective styles and designs that reflect where we are now at this time on our planet. We are part of the natural hair movement and all women’s movements which encourages us to be our most authentic selves. We want to be confident, courageous and live our lives on our own terms. Our designs give you options. Options equal freedom to be inspired. We are so excited to be on this journey with you!

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