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Our hairline is one of the most fragile parts of our entire hair. Therefore it is most prone to breakage. No matter how long or beautiful our hair is having sparse edges makes us feel less confident about our hair and appearance. Wearing tight hairstyles such as braids, high ponytails and buns can cause our hair edges to break off. Not only that, but heavy manipulation such as brushing can add to the damage. In addition, utilizing hair products that have alcohol as an ingredient will dry your edges and increase the chances of breakage.

How does a sew in weave or braids cause damage to my hairline?

If you're feeling any tension or pulling on your hair edges when you're getting your hair braided or in a weave that is not a good sign. Let your stylist know immediately so they can loosen the braids. The other signs your braids are to tight are if you are seeing any redness or bumps appearing on your hairline or if you are experiencing a headache. It can be uncomfortable to tell your stylist that they need to loosen your braids because they are the experts however if want to keep your edges healthy you have got to speak up.


Is my wig, lace front or closure contributing to the loss of my edges?

With the increase of women wearing wigs, lace fronts and closures we are seeing an increase in dwindling edges. Your hair needs oxygen and when you wear these styles along with a nylon stocking cap you are not allowing your hair to breathe. Also the comb piece that helps to keep your wig, lace front or closure in place can cause friction to the hair which can result in serious breakage to the hair line as well. So if you must use them place them strategically so they will not cause any breakage.
If you are using glue on a lace front wig you can cause damage to your hairline as well if it is not properly applied. If you are not careful the wig tape and glue can break your hair line. Also, if the lace front needs to be fitted further back on your head it can rub against your hairline and cause breakage. Please take all of this advice into consideration so that you can avoid breakage to your delicate hair edges.


How can I regrow and maintain my edge?

Take breaks from wearing styles that cause tension to your hair line as often as you can. Maintain a consistent shampoo, moisturizing and conditioning routine. If you wear a wig or lace front that you can take off at night do so. Sleep with a satin head scarf or a satin lined head wrap. Satin or silk will allow your hair to breathe and prevent breakage and lock in moisture. Find treatments for the hair that help to stimulate growth. Manipulate your hairline as infrequently as possible and avoid any heavy brushing. Don't forget there are specialist, doctors and experts that have experience in this area. You can always book a consultation and find out how they can help you. Good luck on your hair care journey and don't give up on your edges!
February 25, 2020 by Linda Christen

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