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Why Wear a Gym Wrap When You Go To The Gym?

Why Wear a Gym Wrap When You Go To the Gym?

Wearing a gym wrap to protect your hair when you work out at the gym is a necessity for myself and countless women. Whether we take part in a yoga class or an intense walk or run we want to protect our natural hair.

Why don't women work out?

  1. I don’t have time
  2. I never see results 
  3. I’m just not motivated 
  4. I just did my hair!
  5. I’m too tired after work 

A big reason why many women do not go to the gym is because they don't want to damage their hair style, even a few days later.  A good gym wrap will protect your hair from sweat damage during a workout.  It takes two hours or more to get hair flat ironed by the stylist. It's expensive to get your hair professionally styled. 

Why wear a gym wrap?

A good gym hair wrap will to protect your hair during a workout by absorbing the moisture so it's not absorbed by your hair.  By wearing a gym wrap, you don't have to substitute intense workouts with early walks or late night walks to protect your hair.  By properly wrapping your natural hair, you'll protect it from damage, sweat, salt, and still look amazing after a workout.

Since exercising is indispensable for all women, we can't afford to ignore the health benefits of a workout simply to protect our new hairdo. Also, it is important to get our heart rate up when at the gym. 

Do I need to protect my hair while working out?

When researching how to wrap your hair when going to the gym, there are many helpful articles and blogs that indicated that women, especially African American women, would avoid going to the gym just to preserve their hairstyles.  This is why women need a gym wrap that will allow all women to workout while protecting their hair.  We need to protect our hair, but not for the sake of our health!

How should you wear your hair when working out?

Wearing the best gym wrap (like the one designed by Linda Christen Designs) required testing, research, and well-thought-out design.  We created a half wrap that covers your edges and the circumference of your head.

What is so unique about our gym wrap?

Our gym wraps are lined with a moisture absorbing material in the center and a nylon sports fabric on the outer layer that comes in contact with your hair.

The holes in the knit sports material allow the hair to breathe. The moisture from your scalp is absorbed by the moisture-wicking material rather than the sweat going straight to your hair.  This is how the wicking material in our hair wrap protects your hair from sweat. Best of all, the beautiful styled coral colored exterior layer is a beautiful knit fabric that will make you feel pretty, confident and inspired while you nurture your mind, body and spirit.

How to wear the Gym Wrap

We recommend that you keep the gym wrap on for 20-45 minutes after you work out. Especially if you are trying to preserve a relaxed or straight hairstyle. It is important to keep the wrap on to protect your natural curls or natural hair. This formula keeps your hair in place. You will be pleased with how much shine is maintained in your hair afterward.

For the outer fabric, we selected a knit material that has a lot of stretch in it and we purposefully designed it to have a snug fit because in testing we discovered it captures more moisture this way and successfully keeps your hair in place. We use velcro material in the back of the wrap for a nice secure fit. Our exercise wrap will definitely not fall off while you're on the treadmill, or on an intense run like a satin or silk scarf easily does.

Protect Your Hair While at the Gym!

Why not be well prepared for your exercise session? Let’s stop making excuses! Having a gym wrap that really works and is available anytime you decide to work out is what will help to inspire you to exercise. Whether it is planned or spontaneous any time or day of the week you will be able to accept with no problem.

We understand the dilemmas of trying to preserve your hairstyle and also to get your exercise routine completed. We know how important both of these are for you. You shouldn't have to choose between the two. We created this exercise wrap to give you options. Purchasing a gym wrap that is functional and stylish is a good choice!

Options equal freedom to be inspired... Now let’s go exercise!

Be Inspired!

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