Why Satin?

Many individuals fear what effect a head wrap will have on their hair now and in the long run. The choice to wear a satin-lined head wrap or hat, like those available from Linda Christen Designs, will not only work well with natural hair and extensions, it will also serve to improve the overall health of your hair.

Wearing satin hats promotes natural hair growth. It helps prevent the thinning of your hair. Furthermore, satin-lined head wraps promote natural growth by shielding your scalp and hair from moisture loss. Moisture loss is usually due to the heat of the sun during the summer and the cold drying winter winds.

Choose a satin-lined head wrap from Linda Christen Designs when in doubt about wearing a hat. No matter what design or style that you choose, you are going to love how you look and feel!

Benefits of a Satin-lined Hair Wrap

  • Silky satin charmeuse lining protects your hair's natural moisture levels
  • The satin helps prevent moisture loss and breakage
  • Designed to extend your blow out, flat iron, curly hair, hair extensions, braids, short hairstyles, crowns, weaves, and professional salon hairstyles
  • Tames your tangles to control frizz and breakage
  • Promotes natural hair growth
  • Helps prevent thinning hair by shielding your scalp and hair from moisture loss
  • Helps to restore healthy bounce and shine
  • Provides a protective moisture retaining layer between your hair and cotton sheets
  • Counteracts hair dryness and damage from harsh weather conditions
  • Keeps your hair manageable between salon visits
  • Holds in your hairstyle whether straightened or curled all night while you sleep
  • Spend less time in the mornings to fix 'bed head'

Satin-Lined Hair Care

Recommended for:

  • Women with hair extensions, crowns, weaves, and full lace front closure pieces
  • Short hairstyles, long hairstyles, curly hair, straightened hair, and frizzy hair
  • Promoting natural hair growth before/during/after cancer treatment and chemotherapy
  • Providing coverage for those with alopecia, hair loss, and thinning hair
  • Anyone who wants to take extra special care of their head and scalp - and look stylish at the same time, day or night