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Satin-Lined Sleep Wraps: Why Wrap Your Hair In Them To Sleep?

A satin-lined sleep wrap or satin scarf is a protective style. They are now also becoming a fashion statement. It has been said that if you want beautiful hair you have to work at it. Furthermore, your nighttime hair routine is important for healthy hair.  However, we at Linda Christen Designs have taken all the work out of finding what you need for your nighttime hair protection and fashion arsenal.
We have created collections of trendy and functional headwear apparel.
Linda Christen Designs consider wearing a satin head scarf the modern and trendy way to go to bed. You look stylish and can sleep knowing that the satin-lined sleep wrap is keeping your hair protected and in place. Also, wearing a sleep wrap gives your straight or curly hair a vibrant and shiny look. We all want to promote our hair health. Let's take a look at why you should wrap your hair in a satin-lined sleep scarf at night.

Who Can Benefit From Wrapping Their Hair In A Satin-Lined Sleep Wrap?

Anyone who wants to protect and promote healthy hair should consider wrapping their hair in a satin head scarf at night. Purchasing on of Linda Christen Designs' chic satin-lined sleep wraps will elevate their nighttime look to a higher level. If you have long or middle length hair, a scarf is definitely a must-have item. A scarf provides more coverage for longer length hair. 
"Apollina" is one of Linda Christen Design scarfs. It is a half scarf that is perfect for pulling your hair up in a pony tail, bun or pineapple. Also, you can wear your hair down allowing your hair to lay flat.
"Cleopatra" is the second satin-lined head scarf. It is unique because it accommodates and protects all hair lengths, especially extra long hair. When you lie down at night it's as if you're sleeping on a satin pillow case. Why? Because your hair is pressing directly against the satin as you sleep. Furthermore, the good news is unlike most scarfs, Linda Christen Designs' will not fall off your head while you sleep.  Both of these scarves have an elastic band at the nape of the neck that is satin-lined to prevent slippage and breakage.  All you have to do is slide it on. The two long ties give you the freedom to adjust it and create the look and feel you desire.

Did You Know That Sleeping With Unwrapped Hair Can Cause Breakage?

Sleeping with your hair unwrapped can cause breakage. The common cause is the fabric of your pillowcase which in most instances is cotton. Cotton pillowcases can cause your hair to get caught and as a result break as you move around at night. Keeping your hair wrapped in a silk or satin head scarf can prevent nighttime breakage considerably. It also prevents dry hair that can damage and weaken the hair keeping it prone to split ends.

Why Use A Satin Or Silk Scarf To Wrap Your Hair At Night?

Wrapping your hair in a satin or silk scarf helps to retain the moisture in the hair. As a rule of thumb, they keep your tresses frizz-free and hydrated.  At Linda Christen Designs we use a popular charmeuse satin. Charmeuse satin is man-made and a luxury fabric (polyester) from finely woven material. Both satin and silk material reduce the effect of friction on the hair. Wearing a satin-lined sleep wrap or satin sleep cap keeps the hair smooth and in place. It also prevents your hair from thinning. Wrapping your hair at night is essential to healthy and beautiful hair. If you are attempting to keep your hair in place overnight, it is recommended that you wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Or choose a well made satin sleep cap versus a satin pillowcase.
Using a satin pillowcase at night will protect your hair from breakage. Unfortunately, it will not keep your hairstyle in place like a satin head wrap. Furthermore, some of the quietly kept benefits of wrapping your hair at night is the extra time you will have to sleep in. Or simply relax and enjoy the start of your day, feeling confident and inspired. We are freedom seeking beings! Wrapping your hair will give you a sense of freedom like you have never known when it comes to you and your hair!  It's time to protect your hair and take your nighttime look to the next level.

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