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Black Satin-Lined Headscarf with Silver Accents | Cleopatra

Black Satin-Lined Headscarf with Silver Accents | Cleopatra

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This beautiful classy satin lined head scarf is part of Linda Christen Design's Luxe Collection.  This lightweight satin-lined headscarf with satin trim has an outer layer of sparkly vibrant metallic fabric. The outer layer is made of a fine netted light weight and breathable soft stretchable mesh. We call this satin-lined headscarf "Cleopatra" because you will look and feel like a queen. This metallic and satin head scarf is so comfortable you may forget that you have it on. When you lay your head on your pillow you're actually laying your hair against the satin lining. This classy and stylish satin head scarf has two long ties around the back so you can adjust and control the fit and also turn it into a satin head wrap. This allows for you to change up your look as you desire. This is a must-have! It is a trendy and modern alternative to the bonnet wrap designs. This satin head scarf with it satin charmeuse lining  protects your hair from breakage and locks in moisture and shine. It will also preserve your hair style and yes satin promotes hair growth!  You cannot go wrong with the purchase of this satin head scarf.  Go to bed looking fashionable feeling confident and protect your hair at the same time. This is the future of head wraps.  No longer will you have to down play your beauty!  You have arrived day or night! Look and feel like the diva you are!

  • This classy satin sequins head scarf is one of a kind. Not only is it satin lined it is exceptionally glamorous.
  • This lightweight and breathable sequins is so comfortable you will forget that you have it on.
  • This satin lined scarf has an elastic back that makes it impossible to fall of during the night.
  • The satin lining will lock in moisture and shine, prevents your hair from breaking off and preserves your hair style longer.  Did you know that satin promotes hair growth.



Outside fabric: 64% Nylon and 36% Metallic
Lining: Stretch satin charmeuse

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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