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Sheer Black & White Floral Head Scarf | Camille

Sheer Black & White Floral Head Scarf | Camille

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This pretied head scarf is from Linda Christen Designs Life Style Collection. This sheer black and white floral chiffon head scarf can be worn in many ways. Are you going for a trendy look? Protect your hair and preserve your hairstyle at the same time with this light weight head scarf. The scarf makes it easy to lay your hair down and protects your hair from the sun and the elements while you look fabulous doing so. Perfect for looking fashionable and trendy while running errands or meeting a friend for lunch. The options on how you wear this stylish chiffon head scarf are endless and all up to you. This pretied head wrap scarf has long ties that allow you to personalize your look and secure a snug fit while moving throughout your day. The knit band stretches and is super comfy and protects your hair edges from breakage. This is a fun and stylish chiffon pretied head scarf. If your having a bad hair day no one ever has to know Linda Christen Designs has created options and options equal freedom to be inspired. Truly functional and fashionable!



Shell: 100% Poly/knit blend
Lining: None

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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