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Rosy Pink Floral Satin Bonnet | Ellie

Rosy Pink Floral Satin Bonnet | Ellie

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This satin bonnet is part of Linda Christen Designs Lifestyle Collection.  This luxurious bedtime satin bonnet will make you feel beautiful and at the same time provide hair protection throughout the night. The satin bonnet we call "Ellie" will keep your hair looking fresh and amazing while locking in moisture and shine and preserving your hair style. This satin bonnet is made of soft and breathable shiny satin. The thin soft stretch black knit band helps keep fly aways tucked inside all night.  This satin bonnets deep pink and slightly red coloring with a floral print makes this bonnet vibrant and energizing.  So throw away your dime store bonnet!  Linda Christen Designs has given you options and this is a great one!


100% Polyester (Silky feel)

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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