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Satin-Lined Slouch Cap | Ariana

Satin-Lined Slouch Cap | Ariana

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This comfy no-fuss and satin-lined slouch cap/beanie is from Linda Christen Designs Lifestyle Collection. Feel stylish and pretty in this soft and stretchy slouch cap. The material is breathable and lightweight with charmeuse satin lining to help keep your hair smooth, shiny, and tangle free. Keep your hair in place all day while you're out shopping, working out, or just relaxing at night in your jammies. Having a bad hair day? Just toss on this silky lined cap and forget about it! This fashionable satin-lined slouch cap can help smooth your hair back into shape effortlessly so you can enjoy your day. It's perfect for travel too!


Shell: 100% Poly/Knit blend
Lining: Charmeuse Satin

Care Instructions

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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