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Satin Pre-Tied Sleep Turban | Imani

Satin Pre-Tied Sleep Turban | Imani

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This classy light weight satin sleep turban is from our Life Style Collection. It's so pretty and elegant that you may be tempted to wear it during all day! It's so versatile that no one ever has to know it's a sleep turban unless you tell them. This satin turban can accommodate most head sizes. Our model was able to get all of her thick curly hair inside this turban. The fit will depend on how you decide to wear your hair. This satin turban is great if you are wearing a lace front or wig and take it off nightly to sleep with your hair braided. It's also a great fit for a medium to short hair style. If you have long hair, try pulling your hair back and twisting it into a bun before wearing this turban. The satin will protect your hair from breakage and lock in moisture and shine to preserve your hair style longer. This satin turban is perfect for a "toss-and-go" glamorous look. This is a very glamorous and fashionable satin turban.  

  • The satin locks in moisture and shine and prevents hair breakage.
  • Very glamorous turban--if you're looking for an elegant style, this is it!
  • This light weight satin turban can accommodate most head sizes. The best fit would be for a small/medium head size however this turban can accommodate most large head sizes. It has an elastic band in the back that allows it to stretch in all directions.
  • Perfect for wearing at night. Let the satin protect your braids, flat iron, blow out or natural curls.

Shell: 100% Poly/Knit blend
Lining: None

Care Instructions
Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

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