Collection: Satin Lined Turbans for Natural Hair

You have a deep relationship with your hair – it is part of you. A part you love, take care of, and it’s a relationship you’ve been cultivating your whole life. So, when it comes to headwear, that love and care should extend there, too. Satin-lined turban style wraps by Linda Christen Designs are beautiful, functional, but most of all healthy for the hair you love. 

The turban style wraps come in a variety of colors and designs to fit your unique style. Perfect for the transition from day to night (to overnight), these wraps are as beautiful and versatile as they are functional, with fabrics both stylish and stretchy enough to get you that fit that’s just right. 

But you’ve seen plenty of beautiful wraps before, so let’s talk about how great these are for your hair’s health. Because, let’s be real, isn’t that the most important part? The nourishing satin lining is designed to keep your hair in place in any style you choose. It also retains the natural moisture, keeping frizz and breakage in check. Furthermore, satin lined turbans keep your hair safe while you sleep. 

Feel like your most authentic self in these stunning satin lined turbans by Linda Christen Designs!